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Learn Swift by examples. Beginner level

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Who this book is for

This book is addressed to all the people who want to learn basics of Swift. Although I pay great attention to make all the contents intuitive and easy to follow, this is not a book to learn programming – I assume you have at least basic programming skills. Moreover, you should have basic general programming knowledge (what a loop is, what kinds of loops we have, what a conditional statement is etc) as well as basic knowledge about object oriented programming paradigms (what a class is, methods and properties). This book is NOT intended to give you a complete Swift programming overview. I will not discuss all the topic exhaustively; of course I do my best to show as much aspect of Swift as I only can but not in price of clearness, readability and understandability. I want to give you as many examples as I only can. My idea is to give all the people who ever known any other (imperative) programming language a good starting point to work with and   learn Swift. If you think: Great, I know C (or Java, Python, Pascal, etc) and I want to know some basics of Swift to get know if it's worth to spend my time to learn it – then this book is for you.

This book covers the following topics

  • Constants, variables and functions.

  • Arrays and enumerations.

  • Type methods, guards and string interpolation.

  • Tuples, switch and extensions.

  • Properties, dictionaries and sets.

  • Structures, inheritance and errors handling.

  • Protocols and generics.

Early access

This book is a work in progress, presented in early access version. Early access allows to publish and share some ideas before the final version appears. This way, participating in an early access, you may contribute how the final version will look like. English is not my native language and I know that I make a lot of mistakes but I hope that text is more than readable and at least a little bit understandable. I believe that everything can be better and there is always a space for improvements. I can say that the Toyota Way is the way I live and work focusing on continuous improvement, and respect for people. That is why I would be very grateful if you somehow contribute improving this book. Any comments, corrections and suggestions are more than welcome. I write this book not for myself but to share what I know with others, so help me make it’s contents better.

I believe there is no book like this on the market and I want to make it better and better. I can do this. I don’t have to ask publisher if they agree to prepare another version. If something deserves for improvement I simply do this and publish right after that.


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January 2022
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June 2021 (early access)
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Learn Swift by examples. Beginner level

0 ratings
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